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Every pair of Farben glasses is the result of craftsmanship in a production process of at least 40 stages.
Every pair is unique and made with passion by expert hands.
One by one. Just like 60 years ago.

lavorazione artigianale occhiali

Farben glasses are entirely made by hand in Italy.

Each pair takes a minimum of 10 weeks to complete, all by means of a short production chain and the use of recycled materials in an environmentally friendly way.

Harmony and the unspoilt natural environment of the Dolomites take shape in the entire production process of each pair of glasses, from our choice of materials to the use of renewable energy.

The high quality of our glasses is guaranteed by our choice to use the best Italian acetates and the best components in making our glasses.

Made in Italy
We collect natural elements by hand and insert them in our handmade frames.

Each frame goes through a 40 step manual process.


All Farben products are the result of Italian artisanship and the expression of a unique and emotional experience between the glasses and their owner.

This translates into a genuine product that conveys passion and authenticity and that distances itself from the logic behind industrial production.

Every pair of glasses goes through a minimum 40-stage production process:

Frame fronts

  • Cutting of cellulose acetate sections into strips
  • Cutting of cellulose acetate strips
  • Four-week stabilisation
  • Thickening of strips
  • Machining of frame fronts
  • Removal of slight burrs
  • Curving of spectacle frame fronts
  • Fastening of joints
  • Plunging in acetone
  • Fastening of joint covers
  • Tumbling in four different stages– 72 hours
  • Removal of hinge covers


  • Cutting of cellulose acetate sections into 4mm strips
  • Cutting of temples
  • Insertion of wire cores and hinges
  • Milling of temples
  • Fastening of joint covers
  • Tumbling in four different stages 72 hours
  • Removal of hinge covers
  • Precison cutting of temple tip

Assembly of frame

  • Milling of front
  • Assembly of frame
  • Curvature of drop-ends


  • Polishing with abrasive paste and subsequent finishing
  • Laser engraving of sides
  • Filling of engravings with color
  • Glazing
  • Adjustment of frame
  • Quality control
farben occhialeria
The harmony and pristine beauty of the Dolomites are reflected in the entire eyewear creation process.