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Real petals captured in glass frame
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Real petals are gathered and then inserted into our frames. 

Petals of mallow, calendula, majoram, nettle, cornflower and daisy. These are only a few of the different types of petals we choose to make farben eyewear with. This is only some of the flora that we are gifted with by the unique biodiversity of the Dolomites.  

Simone Frescura came up with the idea of inserting these natural elements into our frames. After being inserted, the flowers, leaves and plants continue to express the natural essence of the Dolomites and to maintain the brightness and vigor of their natural color. Each of our entirely handmade frames will take several weeks to complete. 

This is our women’s collection of sunglasses and optical glasses for the year 2020.

Pure gold leaf flakes in a frame
Nature captured in glass frame
Essential, made free of trimming